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Healthcare Professional

Tools and promotional resources for your clinic

Download and print what you need for your practice
Tools to assist your dementia diagnosis conversations with your patients

Diagnosis Consultation Checklist

Use the checklist to communicate the most important information, convey hope and ensure follow-up.

Checklist for communicating a diagnosis and care planning

Patient Information Resource

Provide patients with written information about their diagnosis and plans for follow-up.

Patient Information Resource

Patient and Family FAQs

This FAQ sheet helps patients and families formulate questions about diagnosis and support.

Patient and Family FAQs
Downloadable flyers and posters for your clinic to promote the Forward with Dementia website and resources to patients and carers.

Help spread the word to other healthcare professionals

Ensure your patient’s GP knows about Forward with Dementia. Insert the following paragraph of text about Forward with Dementia website in your follow-up letter to the patient’s referring GP. You can cut and paste this text into your medical software correspondence/letter templates.

I recommended that [patient name] access the Forward with Dementia website at This website was funded by the NHMRC and developed by clinicians and researchers across five countries, with this version adapted for Australia. It uses the latest evidence and operationalises Australian Dementia Clinical Guidelines. It will help you and your patient cope more positively with dementia. Patients and families can use the website to proactively plan the 12-months following diagnosis. There is a portal on the same website for health care practitioners in case you want to check this out.