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Dementia Inclusive Ballina Alliance: Future Fit

Dementia Inclusive Ballina Alliance is preparing for two days of inspiration, knowledge and fun at a community event on September 23rd 20203 in Ballina, NSW

By Doctor Sabrina Pit

On 23 September the Ballina RSL Club will come alive with exciting talks, enriching panel discussions, and eye-opening keynotes, all aimed at creating a dementia-friendly communities. Learn how Ballina does it and how you can do this for your community, patients, clients and your own loved ones.

Led by passionate individuals, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, Dementia Inclusive Ballina Alliance (DIBA) is a community-driven initiative dedicated to enriching the lives of those living with dementia. At the event, there will be information about DIBA’s impactful initiatives and local projects that are making Ballina a more inclusive and supportive place for everyone.

Expert Keynotes and Practical Tips

The lineup of speakers boasts expertise in dementia care and research. Dr Claudia Meyer from the Australian Association of Gerontology will dazzle you with the latest breakthroughs in dementia care. Dr Hilton Koppe will share how Dementia Training Australia and Primary Health Networks support individuals with dementia. You’ll leave armed with practical tips to enhance the well-being of your loved ones and create a more dementia-inclusive environment.

Younger Onset Dementia: Be the First to Know

Ever wondered about living well with Younger Onset Dementia and what you can do? DIBA will share the needs and wishes expressed by people living with younger onset dementia and their carers from a workshop held the previous day at our Carers Day Symposium. You will be the first to know! Join our panel discussion, led by Dr. Sabrina Pit. Panel members will include a carer, a geriatrician, and dementia support services experts. We will also want to hear from you and build a community of like-minded professionals.

Local Heroes and Support Services

The community strength of Ballina lies in its support systems. Meet heroes from support services and first responders who play a vital role in dementia care and emergencies. From Dementia Outreach Services to Healthy Ageing Coordinators, you’ll discover a robust network ready to lend a helping hand.

Celebrating Diversity and Adaptability

Dementia care is all about embracing diversity! Professor Mark Hughes will shed light on dementia, caregiving, and sexual and gender diversity. Learn how to create personalized care plans that respect individual identities and choices.

Facing Change and Climate Resilience

Change is inevitable, but we can be prepared! Ballina Council’s Laura Woolcott will share insights on how technology, climate, and local neighborhood factors impact dementia care. Embrace change head-on and build a resilient community that thrives, come what may!

DIBA is encouraging  you to not miss this extraordinary opportunity to be part of Ballina’s dementia-friendly journey! Come, learn, share, and connect with like-minded individuals determined to create a world where individuals with dementia are celebrated and supported. Together, let’s make our local communities a beacon of inclusivity and love. See you there!

Register today for the “Future Fit our Dementia Community” event. For more information about Dementia inclusive Ballina email or visit the website