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Support after dementia diagnosis

2.9 Sharing the diagnosis with professionals

It is helpful for professionals who provide you with services to know that the person has a dementia diagnosis

It is helpful for health professionals such as the dentist, optician or hospital staff to know that the person has dementia. Health professionals will rely on getting an accurate medical history to deliver the best service. If they know about the dementia, they can make adjustments to the service they provide or make allowances to help.

For example, your person with dementia could ask for a written summary of their appointment and what follow up actions are required, like arranging  blood tests or x-rays. You could ask for a longer appointment or arrange to have you or an advocate accompany the person to appointments.

Health professionals will keep all personal information, including diagnoses, confidential.

Unfortunately, not all health professionals will know much about dementia. Carers told us they needed to educate their health practitioners. See being assertive when speaking with health professionals about dementia.

It might also be helpful to tell other professionals who help you with legal and financial planning such as your accountant or lawyer.


Sharing the diagnosis with professionals

Discuss with the person you support about telling health and other professionals the diagnosis.