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5.3 Putting your life plan in to action

Things won’t always go to plan, so adjust and adapt along the way

Once you have your life plan, put it into action. Things won’t always go to plan, so adjust and adapt along the way. Putting your plan into action can involve some hard conversations with the person you support, family, friends, or health professionals. This website gives you ideas for how to approach conversations such as stopping driving, being assertive with health professionals or getting assistance from other people to help you meet your goals.

Maria told us that she felt incredibly guilty leaving Mario at home when she went out. She felt bad that as she closed the door, she felt a sense of freedom.

It was like a weight was lifted from me, but it wasn’t long before the worry took over. ‘Is Mario OK? Will he know where I left his lunch?’ I felt increasingly bad that I was out enjoying myself. I gave up almost everything I used to do.

The counsellor suggest we work on writing down the things that were worrying me about going out. I found it hard – and I actually thought it was a bit silly when I started, but I found that we could unpick why I felt so guilty. There were lots of reasons and I could work on each of them. It took a while, but now I keep up contact with girlfriends and church activities and Mario is happy in a men’s group at church.


Put your life plan into action

  • Talk to your family, friends and health professionals and get their help to put your life plan into action.
  • Use services to help put your life plan into action.