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how you feel about yourself

2.4 How you feel about yourself

Be confident and positive, you are not your dementia

You are still you

People with dementia worry about losing themselves because of their dementia. They worry if they forget information about their lives, about their families, or they will no longer be themselves. They worry if they can’t do the things as well as before, they will no longer be themselves, and others will treat them differently.

  • You are still you.
  • You are not only defined by what you remember.
  • You are not only defined by how good you are at doing things.

We all change through life, and dementia is another change. The core of who you are, your personality, what you like (e.g. foods, music), and the people you care about tend to stay constant for most people with dementia. The things you do, your home and neighbourhood, and the people you spend time with all make you who you are.


Get support

Call 1800 100 500. The free counsellors at Dementia Australia will listen and help you make sense about your feelings about dementia.

Talk to your doctor about how you are feeling and ask for a mental health plan for subsidised visits to a psychologist or counsellor.